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Using comprehensive testing and the most up-to-date evidence based therapies I build individual step-by-step plans to support women at all stages of motherhood.
It's never too early or too late to start!

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areas of support

Conception Preparation

Prenatal Care

Postnatal Care

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Mood & Mental Health


Who i Help
Every mother's needs are unique and the level of support varies. I work with mother's to determine their needs and create a plan to achieve balance and well-being.

I focus on helping mother's during conception, pregnancy and postpartum.
Being a mother can be challenging; feeling good shouldn't be.

Dr. Holly Paraschuk, ND

     As a wife and mother of two, I've personally undergone the profound transformation that comes with motherhood. Women experience substantial physical, mental, and emotional changes while simultaneously learning how to nurture a newborn. This process is inherently demanding, and it becomes even more so when compounded by societal pressures and the expectations we impose on ourselves.
     During this overwhelming period, prioritizing your own health can be a challenging task. Although everyone acknowledges the importance of supporting mothers, the existing system often falls short. While the current healthcare system excels at monitoring and supporting the growth and development of babies, my focus is squarely on you, the mother.
     I am committed to addressing your immediate care needs and crafting a plan for your long-term well-being. Motherhood is undoubtedly challenging, but feeling good and accessing quality care should not be.

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What to expect

A simplified strategy to get on track.


When to start:
As soon as you're considering a family, it is never too early to prepare

Topics covered:
- Prenatal vitmamins
- Nutrition (through diet and/or additional supplementation)
- Birth control, cycle monitoring
- What to expect when trying to conceive and realistic timelines
- When additional support may be needed


When to start: Immediately.
While standard prenatal care begins around 12 weeks, those first weeks can often be the most uncomfortable and full of unanswered questions

Topics covered:
- Optimize nutritent status
- Blood testing to screen for nutrient deficiencies
- Vitamin and supplement review
- Exercise
- Addressing discomforts or concerns (ie. morning sickness, energy, anxiety, changes in mood, etc.)
- Review of what to expect at each stage of pregnancy and postpartum; what is "normal"?
- Preparing for later stages of pregnancy and postpartum
- Setting realistic expectations and having plan in place for your future well-being


When to start:
New moms ideally within 2 weeks of giving birth, but any time is good - even years after birth

Topics covered:
- Blood tests to review nutrient status, thyroid health, hormones, as needed
- Diet and nutrition review
- Sleep
- Mood
- Support networks
- Self care
- Movement
- Strategizing for achieving health goals and simplified maintenance plans
- Clearly defined timelines for health goals and check-ins
- On-going care for you, mom's deserve to be taken care of too